Friday, July 28, 2006

World War 3: You decide

From the Disasterology headquarters in Moore, Oklahoma....

North Korea has nukes, Iran is trying to make nukes, India and Pakistan is ready to nuke each other, Russia and China are trying to spread communism through Michael Moore's movies, Hamas and Hezbollah brought a knife to a gunfight and are now crying 'no fair', Israel's bull shit-o-meter is redlined, france and Germany are trying to pussify America, Muslims globally are poised for a world wide jihad, and we're worried about stopping the Gays from marring, finding the Illigeals and keeping them out. Is this WW3? Do we have to have another 'Pearl Harbor' or is 9/11 good enough for you? What do you think? Really, I want to know!

There are rolling black-outs in New York and California, and nobody has a solution, just fingers to point. I live in Oklahoma, you know, 'fly-over country'. I just don't understand why we don't have wind generators in every back yard and sell electricity to the coasts like OPEC sells us oil! See a need, fill a need. OG&E, you can just credit my account with 50G's and we're even, or, make out the check to: El Presidente, 123 Kiss My A$$ Lane, Moore, Oklahoma.

All the candied-a$$ peace-lovin' cry-babies out there think that we can 'just talk' peace to these Muslim 'extremists'. But the hippies don't understand, Islam has only two options for the rest of the world: convert or die. How do you negotiate with 'convert or die'? You don't, you convert or you die. Making a crap-u-mentary about tree hugging hippies and alien conspiracy theories is not going to convince them to give peace a chance. Peace is not in the Qur'an, only hate and violence, oppression and torture, death and destruction. I, and the rest of REAL AMERICA, are tired of being sensitive to Islam's pressious feelings when they can not and will not extend THE SAME F---ING COURTESY!!!!

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