Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wild Bill co-hosts today on Wide Awakes Radio.

Dana Carvey, Arnold, and George HW Bush

Thanks to Justin from Right on the Right for letting me co-host.

Just finished doing three hours of live radio with Justin and Kender from 9am to 12pm. Great show, I got to interveiw, Dana Carvey (Master of Disgiuse, Wayne's World, and Wayne's World 2), Arnold Schwarzenegger, former president George Bush Sr., with an exclusive sneak preveiw of George W. Bush's weekly radio address. Justin threatened to have me fired and Kender laughed at me almost the entire time I was on the air, (not in a good way.)

Make sure to listen tonight when I destroy the conservative radio format live starting at 9pm Central Time. Wow six hours of radio in one day and no sleep in the last 48 hours, there is no telling way I will say or do tonight. Click on the link below to listen to Wide Awakes Radio.

Wide Awakes Radio Listen Live!
Click to Listen Live!

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