Thursday, July 27, 2006

Google News is posting stories already told on N.A.D.S.

As I am browsing the Google News for any Disasterological stories I notice that the stories posted are ones we here at the Disasterology institute have already warned you about! Right now its 1241 am Friday 7-28-06 and Google has articles like:

  • People dying from too much sun! 5hours ago
  • N Americans getting too fat for scanners! 2hours ago
  • Low dose Glaxo bird flu vaccine seen ready in 2007! 7-26-06

We warned our readers a week or so ago about these (well, I thought about telling you about the bird flu vaccine but thought you really wouldn't be impressed). But still, be awed that they News giants are getting their best dishes from the Disasterologists, watching out for Americans everywhere!!

El Presidente


fmragtops said...

Plagiarizing bastards, those journalists.

Wild Bill said...

haha, and the left is afraid to face disasters. Dirty Hippies