Thursday, July 27, 2006

N.A.D.S. #1 on Google for Disasterologist

N.A.D.S. #1 on Google for Disasterologist

N.A.D.S. is growing

We here at the North American Disasterologist Society are proud to announce that we have been recognized by Google as the #1 site for disasterologists (#11 on Yahoo). This came as no surprise as we here at N.A.D.S. are the only official disasterologist accreditation site in the world.

We are currently #2 for disasterology on Google, (#19 on Yahoo) but we have plans to take over the top spot. We thank everyone who has helped make this possible and thanks for all the hits to the N.A.D.S. site we have received.

We are up against some bigger NADS for the #1 spot for a NADS search. Here are the NADS that are bigger than ours:If you would like to become an accredited disasterologist why not join N.A.D.S. today.

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