Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oil company exects see thier own shadow, gas prices rise

Upon scanning the news for Disasterology related events, no look of surprise on my face as I read that BigOil fears the impending arrival of Erin to the Texas coast and threaten the raise in price of gas. Lets all thank God now that Old Ronald doesn't jack-up the price of the BigMac every time the word cow is (pardon the pun) "uttered" on national news.

Just tonite I witnessed on the news a second mine collapsed but the price of coal didn't go through the roof over night. My last post mentioned the word pediphile, oh, look Wal-Mart is raising the price of ammo!
*Update Gas prices are up $.20 a gallon from when I wrote this post (today is 8/22/07)

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Chris @ Martial Development said...

I had assumed that oil company execs had neither a reflection nor a shadow. You know, like vampires?