Sunday, August 19, 2007

Natural Selection finds a way!

Written by Michael Kerr Lead Disasterologist. Last night here in the Oklahoma City metro area we had the remnant of tropical storm Erin (downgraded from a hurricane) come through town after making a long trek through western Texas via the Gulf of Mexico.

I am usually up late, keeping all of you safe in the event of a disaster, and around 1:30 am the NWS declared a Tornado Watch for the western metro/El Reno/ Yukon area. Needless to say, I was up for a long night as it was about 6am before the storm had calmed and the chance of Tornado was completely past. I know what you are saying, "why stay up all night long?" that is what i do to keep us all safe. At around 3:30am the storm met with the Low front and created this "eye of the hurricane" effect just east of Kingfisher and Greenfield complete with no rain in the eye; it was strange.

Now that we have the preface out of the way we can get to the real story. Many years ago a had written an article (can't find anywhere) about Natural Selection no longer affected the human race because of the invention of warning stickers, thus causing an over abundance of stupid people that would normally meet their own end due to the lack of neuron usage.

But last night my faith in Natural Selection was rekindled when at 5:45am, broadcasting live from NW 36th and Broadway in OKC channel 5 (I think) showed two cars stuck in a flooded street, TWO MORE CARS plunged in behind the first ones! One of the second batch quickly realized that that was not a smart move and threw it in reverse and backed out before it was too late, the other car had to drive AROUND THE NEWS VAN AND REPORTER who were filming LIVE (hence the bright camera lite and big suv BLOCKING THE ROAD) plunged straight into the water and began to float away.

The reporter continued to film live and asked if the woman needed help (which is the first time I have ever seen them get involved versus "ruining the shoot") and stayed with her LIVE until the fire dept. showed up to rescue the water logged car.

Now some of you reading this are questioning what they know of me at this point. I can tell you that my belief in Natural Selection (both animal and human) does not contradict my religious beliefs. God made cavemen (Neanderthals and whatnots) to keep Anthropologists confused for many thousand years, proving that God has a sense of humor. I used to be a staunch Evolutionist and grappled with the concept of Creationism until I understood comparative anatomy does not prove evolution but proves an "artistic signature style." You're confused.

Right now do a Google search for Leonardo da Vinci art work, primarily looking for his paintings and sculptures of human form (if you don't want to use da Vinci look up another artist, I don't care). Over the long span of time you can see (if you are looking chronologically) that their art improves and they get better, but what you will recognize is each individual artist's STYLE. da Vinci makes his men look like this; Van Gogh draws women like that, and lets not even get started on Picaso. The point I am trying to make is that you can recognize their artistic signature style.

Take the time now to compare animal skeletal likenesses including gorillas vs. chimpanzees vs. human. You can see that they are all designed by the same maker. He has a style; He has worked out the design. That is not called evolution it is design perfection.


Jeanne said...

I like it!

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MichaelKerr said...

I am waiting for WildBill to come over and install it among other things. Thanks for the visit. Bigmike

Jerad Kaliher said...

BIG MIKE: "Natural Selection no longer affected the human race because of the invention of warning stickers, thus causing an over abundance of stupid people that would normally meet their own end due to the lack of neuron usage." -- GENIUS.

People really need to get their heads out of the sand when it comes to evolution. Science in general is suffering because people can't get it in their minds that we, a very very very long time ago were descended from another animal.

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Patricia Singleton said...

Big Mike, I like your sense of humor. I, too, believe that God has to have a sense of humor. That is probably why there are so many stupid people in the world. It is almost as if they can't help themselves. My husband and I stripe parking lots for a living. This is his full time job and my part time job. You would not believe the number of people who will run through our cones and ignore signs and then ask you seriously, Is that paint wet? I didn't think that sign applied to me. I didn't know what those cones were for." Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Can they really be that dumb? God is wherever he stays laughing his head off.

I still haven't figured out how to get my Stubble button to work.