Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guess what people, LIFE'S NOT FAIR!

Its time to check the email and the news on Google and I didn't get very far before I lost my cool. The title of this article is 'Farmers think crack down on illegals not fair' this just boiled my blood.

First, the title IDENTIFIES the workers as 'illegals' that means not legal or against the law. Second, life is not fair, get over it.

I have been DENIED a job because I was told that I am NOT a woman or a minority; tell me how that is far. I worked for a Female Director who is an "African-American," I was seeking full time employment even though I was working 40hours a week and was not offered a full time job (in case you are not aware, that is illegal as well).

I was one of 3 "white" males among twenty-two employees, all the other employees matched her description of being either a 'woman' or a 'minority' or both. If you look at it I WAS THE MINORITY, but obviously my opinion does not count. The EEOC (that's EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION) said they couldn't help me, but they sympathized with my plight. The EEOC only deals with 'minorities' who have been discriminated against, and minority by definition is anyone other than me.

I took my beef up the chain of command to the next rung which was the Director of HR. SHE told me that "they" (the hospital) was standing behind my directors decision and SHE did not see anything wrong with what was said to me. Just mention "good old boys club" and I will personally kick you in the beans, or whatever you may have.

My wife applied for a college/vo-tec program in health care. The Bylaws of this school states that they will ALWAYS take persons in-district over those out of district; they broke the law. Every applicant accepted to the program is from out of district, surprise they make more money. On top of that, the way they disqualified my wife was they asked her if she thought her weight would hinder her from performing the job. That's discrimination. Does anyone care, no. LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

I don't want to hear about how we are unfairly targeting illegals; they are NOT HERE LEGALLY and that MAKES THEM CRIMINALS. I don't have ANYTHING against Mexicans or Latinos coming to America, fill out the paperwork and come legally just don't punish me because your country is corrupt.

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Wild Bill said...

You are damn right! I'm so sick of illegals my head is about to explode.