Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another potential disaster narrowly avoided

It's a nice, bright, mid-summer day and you are zipping along to make your delivery. The sun shine on your face feels good like a mother's hug, Tom Petty is singing on the radio. The street light at the intersection is turning red but there is a car already running it, it won't hurt if you run it too. A van with the green light takes off expecting you to stop, but you don't. Your car rolls completely over landing on all four tires as it comes to a complete halt. A hospital worker pulls over to check on you, and you won't let him go, "It's OK, I won't leave you" he tells you to comfort you as you go into shock, your world gets smaller by the second. The cops are scared as you tell the officer that there are nuclear isotopes in your trunk. This is not a terroristic situation. You are carrying the pharmaceuticals for patients needing a nuclear medicine study, that's your job, but the officer still wants haz-mat to come out to the scene. This is not a fictional tale, this is real. How could you know that today you held El Presidente's hand as he tried to comfort you in your time of need. You are welcome, just next time, please stop for the red light.

His royal highness, El Presidente

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