Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Sun Is Not Cool

I just read this story. We're all gonna die! Don't fret the Disasterologists over at the North American Disasterologists Society have studied the problem and have come up with a solution.

Make The Sun Cool!

Another disaster avoided, thanks to N.A.D.S.

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Michael Kerr said...

El Presidente is currently on antibiotics for a itching burning thing i would rather not talk about, but, sun is bad for El Presidente!

fmragtops said...

Viva El Presidente! May his nut-scratching cease and his gonads burn no more!

El Vice Presidente, are those Oakleys? You know Oakleys are REALLY cool. As cool as the other side of the pillow so to speak.

Wild Bill said...

No they are Jokeleys!

Sounds like El Presidente has crabs. What a disaster.

--Vice El Presidente out

Grokodile said...

Oh my!

I certainly feel much safer now, with you guys on the job.