Monday, October 09, 2006

North Diarrhea Korea Nukey

Kim acting Silry

And Now a Message From Kim Jon Il

Oh Helro!!!

You pafetic foors. I now have nucrear weapons. How you feer now? You thought you courd terr us North Koreans what to do. Seriousry, did you think we wourd cave into your freats? You have one day to stop dat fucr'in Team America movie from every being prayed again. Arso, how dare Wird Birr rerease the name of the 21 year ord guy!

The Passionate America investigative team has uncovered that North Korea purchased the instructions for building the nuclear weapon from the now infamous blogger that we will not name because we want to take credit for his work, here is a link to the information we have uncovered. How to build a NUKE!

Additional more reliable information can be found here, here, here.
and here.

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Leon said...

Funny impression of Kim Jong Il.