Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Warning!!! Warning!!! Disastrous bill in Congress revisited

This was a Disaster Special El Presidente wrote one year ago (7/27/06), and now it is coming around to bite us in the butt. Let's recap, shall we......coin

Sorry folks, I am not an Economist, I'm a Disasterology specialist, or also known as a Disasterologist. For those who don't know what a Disasterologist is, it is "one who specializes in the study of disasters" and trust me I know a disaster when I see one. Congress is busy trying to suck a$$ to blue collar America by suggesting a raise in the minimum wage, like that is going to help anyone. If you make minimum wage and want more money, don't think that raising minimum wage will help you at all, try getting AN EDUCATION YOU CAN USE!!! A Ph.D. in Underwater basketweaving is not going to help you feed your family, a Master's Degree in Music will only pay if you live in Nashville or Seattle, or you want a job conducting a church choir. THINK PEOPLE. If you have to pay people more to make a Big Mac, then LOGICALLY, it will cost MORE for the Big Mac. Gas is already too high, ExxonMobile posted record high PROFITS, and I promise that if minimum wage goes up they are not going to LOSE ANY PROFITS, GAS WILL HAVE TO GO HIGHER!!! You have to think big picture, people.

So do you think anyone in Congress has your best interest in mind when they talk about raising the minimum wage?

As your president I will never raise taxes, hell, I don't even collect taxes from you!!!

Love always, El Presidente

Take time now to compile a list of things you commonly buy and/or use. Write down the cost of those items along with the date. We will come back to this list next year. BigMike
gallon of milk $3.00
loaf of bread $1.19
BigMac $ Double-cheese burger form dollar-menu $1.00
gallon of gas $2.69 (Okc)
pack of Marlboro $4.50
deodorant () $1.97
toothpaste $2.50
can of Coke from vending machine $0.50
Make your own list and watch it go up!


fmragtops said...

Viva El Presidente! Read our NADS! No New Taxes!

Anonymous said...

So how much minimum wage labor does Exxon use?

michaelkerr said...

anonymous, do you think the people that ring the register are paid as skilled labourers? even if they are NOW paid $8 an hour they will have to be bumped up to $9.30 or more. Walmart bottled Lemonade will have to go from .50 to $1.13 who is actually going to benefit from minimum wage going up? honestly, I want to know what you think.

El Presidente

fmragtops said...

The only people that benefit from a hikein the minimum wage is government.

Pennsylvania Progressive said...

Minimum wage will not raise prices. Besides how many people work for Fortune 500 companies making minimum wage or above it. They said the same thing in the 90's when minimum wage was raised. High energy costs is causing higher rate of inflation than any minimum wage increase

Michael Kerr said...

Sorry Penn Progressive, I was working for a sandwich shop in 1990 making minimum wage while in college and the day that min wage went from 3.85 to 4.15ish they changed the price of the sandwiches to cover the cost of LABOR. BigMacs, tacos, Krispy Kremes, and White Castles will have to raise menu prices to offset the rise in labor costs.